Think of meditation and you may visualise lotus flowers, sandals, beards, ’love and peace‘ and aromatic substances. Think again... this sort of meditation is a powerful and proven technique for calmly and easily minimising the grinding effects of everyday business pressure, let alone your blood pressure! A few minutes of daily meditation can improve your clarity, your mood and yes... your health. And like any good business training, it has an immediate positive effect.
Lucy Morrice, PEP

When it was first suggested that the ABL group go on a retreat involving Kung fu and meditation, I confess to some doubts about the usefulness of the idea. My doubts were soon brushed aside. I had previously treated as a virtue my constant activity, always trying to deliver results, learn, improve being constantly on the move. So it was quite an epiphany to discover the massive value of stillness, of thinking of nothing. Much more than mere relaxation, meditation has now reduced my stress levels and, I think, made me a little easier to live with both at home and at work. It also cuts away the ’noise‘ and allows me to concentrate on the things that matter most, both at home and at work. I now meditate daily. My only regret is that it took me 51 years to discover it.
Clive Thomas, Anglia IT Recruitment

Thanks for a great course led in a very special way.
Gordon Watt, Balliol-Watt

I found your style gentle and reassuring and it felt a safe place to open up.
Pattie Horrocks, Executive Coach


My clients include:
Atkins Consulting
IMD Business School
Karuna trust
London Underground
Northern Bank
Norwich Union
West Kent NHS Trust
and a wide range of independent coaches and consultants.