Coaching is a focused way of working on change or development through a short course of sessions with one other person. You could call it a personalised training programme.

In organisations the focus is usually on broadening your range of skills, or addressing particular challenges or difficulties. On a personal level it is particularly useful for clarifying purpose and meaning, so you can be clear about what you want to be doing, and how you're going to go about doing it.

I love coaching. It is always a tremendous privilege to be able to work with someone on the most important issues in their life, and to witness their growth and change. It is work that requires enormous sensitivity and confidentiality, as my clients often do me the honour of revealing their greatest vulnerabilities and their highest hopes.

I draw on a huge range of influences, models and tools to support my coaching work - basically I'll use anything I can that might help! I have even been known to employ such devious tactics as humour and my near-encyclopaedic knowledge of late 20th century music!

I'm creating another coaching page to explain more about different types and something about my approach to coaching. There are quite a lot of links about the theories and ideas that inform my work on the Alan Ashley page


I also work as a holistic supervisor to coaches and counsellors.

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