Alan Ashley

Alan Ashley

I help people to develop; to become more effective in their work, better leaders, and perhaps more significantly more fulfilled and fully-rounded individuals. I don't come at this work from the perspective of being some kind of personal development expert or guru. It's more that I've been working hard on this stuff myself for a decade and a half, and that does give me some experience and expertise. More importantly it means I'll be standing beside you as we both work with the challenges, paradoxes, and contradictions of this work, as well as enjoying the benefits and breakthroughs.

I spent most of my twenties working in environmental conservation, with occasional eccentric detours that included delivering rental sun-beds and fronting a rock band. My thirties were spent managing and leading charities, and working as a personal and spiritual development teacher, coach and mentor.

I have coached, trained and taught a huge range of individuals from directors and CEOs to students and the unemployed. In recent years I have worked with leaders in FTSE 100 companies, and the public and third sectors (see my client list for details). I also provide specialist training for coaches and consultants.

My work is informed by a diverse and ever-expanding range of influences, including humanistic psychology notably Gestalt therapy, TA and psychosynthesis, ‘new science’ and complexity as well as mythology and Buddhism. I have extensive training in mindfulness and other meditation techniques, and have been teaching these skills for over a decade. My approach is to integrate these ancient practices with leading edge models and research to create a potent synthesis.

In 2008 I completed a post-graduate diploma in Change Agent Skills and Strategies, at the School of Management, University of Surrey. Amongst the many things I gained from this excellent programme are an appreciation of the work of John Heron, Peter Senge, Barry Oshry, and many others.

I have also worked with Professor Preston Bottger in writing sections on emotional intelligence, focusing and mythology for a book on the inner work of leadership.

My recent interests include the role of intuition in decision-making processes for executives and consultants, and i've been thinking quite a lot about the implications of Malcolm Gladwell's book 'Outliers' for leadership and personal development work. For more about my current areas of reflection see my blog

I live near Greenwich with my partner, beautiful young daughter, and ludicrously large CD collection.