Alan Ashley

Time for a Change

I wrote this website five years ago, and in that time I've learnt a great deal and got a lot clearer about how I work and how to explain it to people. So it's time for me to create a new website.

I want to tell you about some of the work I've done, introduce you to some of the great people I've worked with, and describe the difference we have made together - and I want to show you some of the fantastic places my work has taken me.

I want to explain about the things I'm good at, and the tools I use to help you do your job better, lead or manage your staff better, and help your team work together more effectively.

Please bear with me

I'm sure you know that it's like: it can be hard to get to the stuff that you really want to do - like finishing updating your website - because there's so much stuff you have to do - like earning a living! I'll keep working on making this site better whenever I can, in the meantime you can always drop me a line or give me a call.

Eventually the links on the left will explain all about:

  • Facilitation - It can make a real difference to have someone objective and with tools and expertise help you to run that difficult meeting, help that workshop go smoothly or build consensus in a team. As the Walker Brothers sang, make it easy on yourself.
  • Mindfulness - As a former Buddhist minister, I'm delighted to see how the benefits of mindfulness practice are being so fully embraced in organisations. With 20 years' experience of mindfulness practice and teaching I'm the ideal person to help you experience those benefits for yourself.
  • Coaching - Top sports men and women wouldn't dream of trying to succeed without a coach - and many of them have several different ones. In organisations, coaching is now recognised as one of the best ways to develop resilience, effectiveness and efficiency. I can help you get clear about competing issues, gain fresh perspective, and sometimes give you a chance to let off steam.
  • Solutions Focus - discover how much more useful it is to notice helpful change and how to build on it, rather than wasting energy on blaming and complaining.
  • Teams - I can help individuals to work together in a way that makes something greater than the sum of its parts
  • Emotional intelligence - Another buzzword in recent years - there has been a lot written about what a good idea it is, and how essential it is for leaders and managers, but much less about how to actually do it. Here's a clue: you feel your emotions in your body.

Social Media and Stuff

You can connect with me through my facebook page and follow me on Twitter both of which are good ways to keep in touch and hear about new things. You can even subscribe to my very occasional newsletter.
You might also like to visit my blog, or check out my Buddhist Coach website - which looks very like this one, but with different content, and which I'll be integrating into this site over the next few months.